Science in 2010

In the year 2010 many new advances in science have taken place. Below are some of the most exciting and interesting advances of the year:

Arbus A400M The new Airbus extremely light military plane is finally ready to fly. The Airbus A400M is large enough to carry the a militarys' largest tanks and helicopters. It is also light enough to be able to land on virtually any runway. It can also serve as an in flight refueling tanker plane, or serve as a troop transport, or even a surveillance plane.

Increase E-Waste Recycling Manufacturers may be required to cover the cost of recycling electronics. This includes TVs, computer monitors, tablets, and cellular phones. This is part of a worldwide effort to mitigate the amount of electronic waste piling up around the globe. Many of which is working electronic equipment that is simply thrown away because it is dated.

China as Largest Wood Consumer The country of China is the number one wood consumer. It buys one of every two (one half), tropical logs harvested each year. The Rainforest Alliance is working hard with international furniture maker Ikea to determine where all of the wood used in its Chinese factories are coming from. Also, they are trying to determine if it comes from legal forests.

Electric Cars Are Coming Back In 2010 several years after General Motors announced a concept vehicle called the Chevrolet Volt, many automakers want to release fully electric vehicles themselves. Today, the Chevrolet Volt is available in the UK for as low as £35,255.00. The Chevrolet Volt has a 4 cylinder engine with a maximum range of 300 miles (50 miles with electric only). Its fuel consumption is about 1.2 ltr/100km.

The Green Race The Progressive Automotive X Prize has promised a £6,267,000 prize for the first car that can maintain 2.35 L/100km. The Delta Motorsports in Britain has an electric E-4 coupe that has a 95 percent drivetain efficiency, which is 3 and a half times that of a standard car.

First Synthetic Organism Biologist Craig Venter has said he's in the final stage of creating the worlds first synthetic biological organism. These man made organisms could be very helpful in producing pharmaceuticals. These synthetic organisms could also create synthetic based biofuels.

New Heart Pill Furrer Laboratories has released a new pill that includes three separate drugs to protect patients against heart attacks. It costs less to buy than if you purchased the three drugs separately. This pill combines aspirin, and several special drugs to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

European Space Agency The European Space Agency will be able to launch a satellite that is designed to take extremely sensitive measurements of glaciers. Back in 2005 the rocket failed to separate and the satellite crashed. The satellite will produce data every 30 days from an altitude of about 445 miles above Earth.